Hiroto Kurita

Hi there 👋 I am a 2nd-year M.S. student at TohokuNLP Group, Tohoku University, working with Kentaro Inui, Keisuke Sakaguchi and Sho Yokoi. I am looking for Ph.D. positions starting from Fall '25!
🤝 LinkedIn / Twitter / hiroto.kurita.q4 [at] dc.tohoku.ac.jp


  • I recently started SWE intern at Apple, Cupertino.


October 2022- Present, Sendai
Tohoku University M.S. in Information Science
Advisor: Kentaro Inui, Sho Yokoi
April 2019- Sept. 2022, Sendai
Tohoku University B.E. in Computer Science
Advisor: Kentaro Inui, Sho Yokoi
Early Graduation

Work Experiences

May-Aug 2024 Cupertino, CA
October 2023- Present, Tokyo
Software Engineer Intern Apple, Inc
Machine Learning Research Engineer Intern Kotoba Technologies, Inc.
October 2023- Present, Sendai
Research Assistant Tohoku University
April 2023- September 2023, Sendai
Teaching Assistant Tohoku University
Information and data literacy
July 2022- April 2023, Tokyo
Machine Learning Engineer Intern ELYZA, Inc.
Worked on NLP-related projects [interview article]
Jan 2020- Present, Sendai
Machine Learning Software Engineer Intern Adansons, Inc.
Working on data-centric AI platform products Mentored two student interns from India
August 2022, Tokyo
Summer Intern Nikkei

Publications (Refereed)

  • Hiroto Kurita, Goro Kobayashi, Sho Yokoi and Kentaro Inui. ”Contrastive Learning-based Sentence Encoders Implicitly Weight Informative Words” In findings of the 2023 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP 2023), December 2023. [paper] [arXiv] [github]

Publications (Non-refereed)

  • 原 知正, 栗田 宙人, 横井 祥, 乾 健太郎. 平均プーリングによる文埋め込みの再検討:平均は点群の要約として十分か? 言語処理学会第30回年次大会, March 2024.
  • 栗田 宙人, 小林 悟郎, 横井 祥, 乾 健太郎. BERTを用いた文埋め込みモデルによる単語の暗黙的な重み付け. 言語処理学会第29回年次大会, March 2023.


  • Nakatani RIES JP Fellow, 2020. (fully funded scholarship for research internship in the U.S., travel cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic)


  • Inner Workings of Text Embeddings. Kyoto University, Japan / MBZUAI, UAE, Feb 2024.


  • TOEFL iBT 98/120pts 2021
  • TOEIC L&R 960/990pts 2021